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>> julie: under arrest inside iran. three american citizens crossing an invisible line and ending up in custody of the islamic republic. i julie banderas and relax as fox reports tonight. >> one hurdle overcome pneumatically passed a bill out that shows we can bring together conservative moderate and progressive democrats spew another if i can begin a kiosk in the debates into dark approving a major healthcare reform package as democrats celebrate republican state in. the battle lines are drawn. been agreed to get the right reform rather than just rest -- rush something through the can be lessened for worship in the
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future. >> julie: became looking for justice. this is what they got. i cry for freedom drowned out by the roar of gunfire. >> julie: new developments at this hour on three missing americans believed to be behind bars in iran. iran state tv confirming guards arrested three u.s. tourist after they crossed the border from iraq. the trio apparently was on a hike in the mountains section of northern iraq. that buffers the kurdistan province. iran said they were arrested because they did not obey orders from the guards. knowing understand from kurdish officials in iraq the detainees are two men and one woman. details are in short supply but here is what we know based on reports. the three u.s. citizens were staying in iraq's oil-rich and self ruled kurdish reason that region. this part of iraq
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is relatively free of violence. in fact it's a draw to adventure stories for its scenery. understanded for a friend stayed behind at the hotel because of and elements and kurdish officials tell us he then received a phone call from his friends saying iranian border guards had surrounded them. since then, not a word. the u.s. has not had a diplomatic ties with iran since 1879. the state department now asking switzerland to represent its interests in iran specifically to confirm whether or not these reports of the three americans are in fact being detained by iran is -- if the suspect. if so to seek access to them. bastard john bolton is former u.s. ambassador to the imaginations and is also a "fox news" computer. always great to have your ambassador bolton. what we know? helping the deal could this become? spec i would be quite concerned about it. i think anybody who remembers the iranian seizure of our embassy in tehran in 1979 and the agony we went through
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with the americans who are captured at that time, has to worry about these hikers. even if they were completely innocent crossing a line that's not exactly painted in yellow in that region, they are not potentially hostages of the iranian regime. i think we have to be very worried about that. >> julie: iran has detained americans before. with all remember roxana said very. is this detention of people who cross the border by mistake, or is there more to lawlessness to give back that we do not know. i don't think we'll be able to find it out until our swiss protecting power look after our interests in the absence of diplomatic relations with iran, until they can get access to these people and here something more definitive from the regime. but you know at the very time when the regime in iran is putting on trial perhaps 100 of their own people, dissidents, people who objected to the june 12 presidential election
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outcome, blaming foreign powers for using them as subversives, i think anytime that capture americans, we need to be worried too and i think there is a message to be heard. i'm just not sure that messages. another white house's hearing that message loud and clear. in fact the white house reached out to iran in the early days of the new administration then came a crackdown on protest you just mentioned who disputed the election, and now this. what do you think? you think he white house will have to change its policy towards iran that iran is beginning to try many of those protesters they have in custody? yak at has been a real mystery to try and discern what are going to negotiate with iran about. because i don't think there's any possibility you can scram through diplomacy. as we have seen a crackdown after the election, now this hostagetaking
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and a number of other belligerent acts putting iran's continuing support for terrorism. i think administration has very little maneuvering room here. >> julie: what about, in chad? idiocies three americans as a way to maybe start his country and repair the damage to his reputation because a crackdown or to give them access, the trial of the dissidents which is a show trial which began today in iran, has as its basis the idea that foreign powers, notably the united states and united kingdom, used to the dissidents, used their discontent with the outcome of the june top election to try and threaten the region -- the regime. it is very easy for propagandist to say here is an example of american strength to sneak across the border to aid the dissidents and the like. you can imagine how they can play this out. so it's very important for the safety of the three americans that we get access to them through the swiss and that we find a way to get them out of the country. >> julie: amb. john bolton, thank you very much for joining us on this saturday on "fox
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report." >> julie: .com did you about this? pabon square at new york's laguardia airport forcing thousands of travelers to evacuate the main terminal. what a scary mess. it happened early this morning. people are rushed outside and 5:30 am. flights were delayed. traffic backed up all over the country. police say all the chaos was caused by one man. he's 32 years old his name is scott began. lee said he was acting crazy. police say when they check his bank account batteries and wires inside. it turned out it was a fake bomb. the court's main terminal to open back up until nine am. mccann has been charged with having a fake bomb in an airport and making terrorist threats. >> julie: now to our nation's health care, the battle begins all over again as congress men and women head into summer session to try to appeal and sell this whole program to their
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constituents. president obama is one step closer to getting his massive health-care reform package approved the president said his goal is to make sure every single american has health insurance. late last night the house energy and commerce committee approved the reform package before going into summer recess. but it was a very close vote. 31-28. so what kind of upper battle is the package facing now that it's heading into the senate eq molly henneberg is live in washington with details. >> president obama heralded the passage of this bill out of the third and final house committee and said the u.s. should "build upon the historic consensus that has been forged." the present of a statement today saying the bill will strengthen consumer protections and choice while lowering costs and improving care. but it was a tough slog for democrats to get a bill out on the energy and commerce committee. five democrats ended up winning against it along with all of the republicans. now house democratic leaders will put together a final bill and
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get up for a floor vote. >> i feel confident we will pass a health care reform bill in the house when we come back in september. >> the senate is also working on its version of health care reform. that will go into the fall as well. republicans in the house and senate to the democrats legislation will "piled higher costs and create new washington bureaucracies." one of the main objections is a government run health insurance plan that they say will undercut private insurance plans. their plan for government run healthcare would disrupt our current system and forced millions of americans who currently enjoy their employer-based coverage into a new health-care plan ground by government bureaucrats. >> senator who said republicans want to allow small businesses to pool their resources to buy more affordable health insurance for their employees and they want to give tax breaks to individuals who buy their own health insurance. >> julie: molly henneberg, thank
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you. >> coming off the victory of the house committee passing the health care reform bill last night, president obama is sounding more and more optimistic as he talks about the economy. in his weekly address this morning he said now is the time for americans to get innovative. listen to make we need to recapture the spirit of innovation that has always moved america forward. that means once again having the best educated, highest skilled workforce in the world. that means a healthcare system that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to innovate and businesses to compete without being saddled with skyrocketing insurance costs. >> julie: the republicans continue to hammer away at the president's health-care proposal. if x. optical to senator johnston said obama's plan would not help healthcare at all. cnet republicans in congress know that serious health-care reform is a top priority of the american people. we are committed to getting it done. but we need to get the right reform, rather than just rush something through that would leave us in far worse shape in the future. >> julie: senator thune said he
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proposed plant would burden state governments and probably result in higher taxes. >> are called starting a racial controversy that reached all the way to the white house, but before all of that at first contributed to the arrest of a prominent harvard professor in his own home. while now, he's making her for what she did not say in that phone call. henry louis kitchen you're sending to see up waylon flowers on a personal note that -- not a beer, flowers and all. no word on what the note said that waylon sawyer said gates extended a gesture of gratitude. as you may know, weiland was the passerby who called cambridge police to report what appeared to be a break in the two-minute gets home. but her call planet never actually voluntarily mentioned race until the dispatcher profit or two. and when she did, she said one of the men may have been hispanic, not black area of corso's two men later turned out to be gates and his driver trying to get through the door. later confrontation with police and with officers arresting gates for disorderly conduct, charges
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which were later got his unit. of course the now famous beer summit at the white house got to get it prof. gates, his arresting officer sergeant james crowley, with a president acting as mediator, the man in the middle of its readers, the two men agreed to disagree on the controversy and move forward. she won a new twist in a florida murder investigation. reports of a possible or for hire scheme ending the life of these two parents. but who would have wanted him killed? they murdered -- they were the murdered couple behind 17 children. and why did someone try and kill two dozen rides to show horses. it is the oldest trick in the book. poisoning and animals food. but why and who would do such a thing? >> they ran every stall any spill, bill, what are we going to do. someone tried to poison our horses.
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special-needs children. *untran17 and their family. the couple was found dead last month. there are eight suspects charged in this case and now along with several other media outlets is reporting that one of the suspects. this mandolin or gonzalez junior was the alleged ringleader in a planned hit on a couple. "fox news" reports gonzales told reporters he was paid between $20,000 and $50,000 to kill the
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couple. police its quote awesome local host quote this was a murder for hire that they are still investigating. >> disturbing developments in the search for a missing eight-year-old. robert manuel who reportedly disappeared a year ago from his mother's house in boise, idaho, police say they found new evidence suggesting the child was either hurt, or worse. this after investigators searched his mother's home and cordoned off to a local landfill. court records show a history of violence against children in need boys family. last year his mother was charged with intentionally hitting her infant son and fracturing his skull. according to court documents she pleaded guilty. he went new surveillance video released in the murder of a boxing champion and cops claim it identifies his killer. atlanta police say security footage, look closely, showing the car carrying the suspects behind the robbery and death of vernon forrest. we could go forrest was held up at this gas station while he
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tried to put air in his tires. his 11-year-old godson was using the stores restroom when this whole thing happened. the robber took off on foot with forrest rolex and championship ring. forrest grabbed a gun in his car, and followed him. >> to force comes around the corner he actually sees the individual who ultimately murdered him just a little ways down the street. the forest was shot in the back several times after losing the robber in the darkness and returning to the gas station. and this place is the man who pulled the trigger. police say the video has led to some promising leads. forrest's funeral will be held monday in georgia. the godson was unharmed. >> julie: nearly two dozen show horses worth millions of dollars intentionally poisoned by way of highly toxic oleander leaves. now investigators are trying to figure out who did it and why. the owner of the san diego county ranch where it all
7:17 pm
happened set someone apparently broken overnight, 23 horses and all poisoned. three are said to be seriously ill. we are told horses may have been tricked into eating the poisonous leaves which were mixed in a feed of sliced apples and carrots. >> i don't know if we'll ever get answers unless somebody who knows something could come forward and help us. because this is just terrific. >> julie: horrific indeed. removing the toxin is apparently difficult and involves injecting horses with a combination of oil and charcoal. >> julie: the man who was once roger clemons personal trainer is apparently suing the major league baseball star. brian mcnamee has filed a federal lawsuit charging clemons ruined his repetition by calling him a liar. the suit said comments by state public relations offensive against mcnamee after the trainer said he injected clemons with steroids more than a dozen times. clemons has repeatedly denied using performance-enhancing drugs.
7:18 pm
the former pitcher remains under investigation by a federal grand jury in washington. that jury trying to decide whether or not he lied when he told a congressional committee that he never used steroids. >> julie: making just one illegal music download and sharing it with a friend or two. what could it hurt to give a college student gets the bill for his handful of downloads. and now he is contemplating aggressive. that's next.
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>> julie: who hasn't shared music on the internet, right to
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cube at boston university grad did you learn the hard way. this grad student admitted to illegally downloading and sharing music online. he has been slapped with quite the bill. a jury ordered him, get this, to pay 675. how the jury, but that number? they ordered this guy, joel tenenbaum paid $2025 for each of the 30 stocks he admitted to downloading and distributing. and apparently, you're not going to believe it, he got off easy as the law actually allows a penalty as high as $150,000 per track. so in tantamounts case, that would've made the total $4.5 million. but he said he was grateful he wasn't assessed the full amount but said the verdict stands, he will file for bankruptcy. >> julie: it's a service used by millions allowing users to make free video calls from their computers. now that skype may have to shut down. that's according to debate which
7:23 pm
owns the online vacations service. a legal dispute could force skype two drop a key piece of technology that makes the whole system work. the company that developed the software at issue claiming skype broke its licensing agreement. a hearing is set for june of next year. in the meantime skype is working to develop alternative software in case it loses the legal battle. singapore banks fall victim to the recession and financial meltdown. regulators looking into chartered banks in five states. the dates that under receivership by the federal deposit insurance corporation. their deposits and assets will be assumed by other local banks. so far this year, 69 banks have gone under compared to 25 last year and just three and 2007. but the expectation is there will certainly be more. the fdic estimates bank failures could cost the insurance fund $70 billion over the next four years. smack of a growing number of
7:24 pm
people losing their jobs and their health insurance, free health clinics all around the dutch country are getting slammed. millions and millions of americans are expected to visit one of the nation's free clinics this year. here is the real scary part. just as the need to skyrocket, funding for these free clinics could be on the chopping block. or english or at the latest. that is scary. >> many people use these type of services never dreamed they would be in need of using such services but there aren't a lot of options out there. that means that free clinics are having to squeeze a lot of services into tighter operating hours, meaning that everyone is feeling the pinch. it wasn't easy for george anderson two turn to a free medical clinic after he lost his job and health insurance 2000 years of my life there. but you do what you have to do. >> is not alone in mecca patients receiving e. a low-to-moderate income wage earners who have always taken care of their family.
7:25 pm
you see tears in their eyes in the coming year iraqi doctors, nurses and physicians assistants at this correct and bridgeport, connecticut are all volunteers. a provide everything from checkouts, lab work and even tried perception drugs. clinics serve uninsured low-income patients have been in the area. this year up to 8 million americans will visit free clinics across the country. that's up nearly 50% from last year. while more americans are turning to the centers for help, funding nationwide has dropped from it -- dramatically. approximately 20%. >> free clinics rely on community support. we rely on grants, foundations support and basic unity donations tonight i hate to sound melodramatic but i think it's the difference between life and death for many of our patients to make helen mikowski was being treated for high cholesterol, also clinic a godsend cynic has been medication alone saves me $150 a
7:26 pm
month. >> we save money for patients but we're also saving quite a bit of strain on the system because if these patients were not treated, they would wind up in an emergency room. >> free clinics have been around since the 1960s and medical professors -- or by state remains critical of income families have somewhere to turn. >> julie: think you very much. >> many american veterans of the war in iraq and afghanistan will fight for the new g.i. bill goes into effect today. the new g.i. bill tasteful twitch and entities for four years at a state university, a monthly housing stipend, and the two guard and reserve members who spent three or more months activated for war service are also covered. >> julie: it was supposed to last for months, but it's million-dollar fund running on empty after just four days. the problem, there's just not enough cash for the so-called cash for klunkers program. the house or devoting to inject
7:27 pm
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>> julie: the art at the top of the news. iran tv declaring in three americans have been taken prisoner. we have our ~accidentally crossed the border into iran while hiking. as you know the u.s. has not had diplomatic ties with iran since the 1979 islamic revolution. the state department has asked the swiss to represent its interests with the government in tehran. david pecker has more on the phone from iraq. i do it, iran statement media says three u.s. tourists were arrested in the north of the country near the border with kurdistan. the state department said they are aware of the situation. it is believed the tourists were staying at a hotel and were visiting a local waterfall. iran state tv said they crossed the border with kurdistan and were arrested by border guards after refusing to heed warnings. the kurdistan authorities have concerned the rest to less contacts the taurus made was with a friend presumably by phone in which they said they were surrounded.
7:31 pm
there is, of course at a tense time in u.s. iran relations. the tension high of the nuclear program and controversial elections there. best of being a tourist in iraq, travelers to come here mainly to kurdistan because it's safer to travel and there are regular flights from turkey. i'm david pieper near the iran-iraq border that you do and thank you, david. to make the u.s. and iran have an ugly history of poor relations. you probably remember the recent incident involving roxanna sabatier. she was a journalist in iran where she was jailed for three months, accused of spying for america. charges both she and the u.s. government vehemently deny. she had been living and working in iran for six years ahead of her arrest earlier this year. she was released and goodness in it, and returned to the u.s. and of course there's the 1979 iranian hostage crisis. fifty-three americans at the u.s. embassy in tehran called in
7:32 pm
the turmoil along the country's islamic revolution and government takeover. they were held captive for more than a year. a secret rescue operation was even planned to freedom but that ended in disaster when two aircraft involved crashed killing eight american servicemen and injuring several more. a deal was finally reached in january 1981. the hostages released just minutes after ronald reagan was sworn in as president. >> some major court, is about to unfold in iran. remember the thousands of people have flooded into the streets of iran protesting the june election results to give now about 100 of the activists and protesters are going to stand trial. they are accused of plotting and i'm quoting here "velvet revolution" in trying to take down the government. this is days before mr. martin in him and in general be sworn in for his second term. >> julie: it's the weapon of choice for militant bent on
7:33 pm
killing american troops in afghanistan. today it claimed the lives of three more of our brave men and women in uniform. roadside bombs ripped through a u.s. patrol in the southern province of kandahar. such attacks have spiked this year as thousands more american troops or into afghanistan. july was the deadliest month for international soldiers fighting in the country since the start of the war in 2001. last month 74 foreign troops including 43 americans were killed in one and maybe light at the end of the tunnel for the cash for clunkers program. this is where you get a big discount from the government if you trade in your old clunker for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. the program has proved so popular that the fund is already out of money. yesterday the house voted to give it a green light to continue, but there could be more bumps in the road. legislation to expand and refine the program still need senate approval and some critics have
7:34 pm
threatened to put on the brakes. carolyn shively in washington with the latest. >> people want to get cash for their conquerors better get off the couch now and head to the dealer. after this weekend the billion-dollar program may be yanked. the program is supposed to last through the fall but was so popular it blew through that billion in a week. the way it works is if you trade in your old desk is therefore more fuel-efficient vehicle you can get up to 4500 bucks. the dealer say something the paperwork online is a nightmare and since they pay out the rebate on the spot and don't get reimbursed by the government until later, he resorted to make them poker money. yesterday the house rushed up another $2 million into the program. the senate takes that matchup next week. disco conservative sect is a government handout to make if you're given free money you like it and you want more. that's what this program is. soon it will be clunkers program is working perhaps too well, the rest of the economy shrank but less than predicted. the government reports the government and economy
7:35 pm
contracted bus and 1/2% predicted. here's the present statement this morning. >> history shows unique economic growth before have jenn grubb. the report yesterday on our economy is an important sign that we're headed in the right direction to mecca president also won the jobless report next week says the country still losing far to many jobs see when she was the unassuming housewife who toppled a dictator withstood seven coup attempts and help restore democracy to the philippines. today she is being mourned. former killer bees president corazon aquino who died at age 76 after a battle with: cancer, on a rainy day in manila for mourners dressed in her trademark yellow and military honor guards carried her flagrant casket. she led a successful uprising against a repressive government. she is considered by many an icon of democracy who brought government by the people to the
7:36 pm
philippines. >> julie: air force fire on the move in spain and deadly sectarian violence in pakistan as we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan: members of the muslim group setting fire to christian homes in an eastern city. six christians were reportedly killed including four women and a child. the violence began during the week when a muslim organization accused christians of desecrating pages from the koran. government investigators say they found no truth to the allegation. >> malaysia: the biggest street protests in almost two years broken up by police and then call him -- kuala lumpur. 20,000 opposition members were protesting. local reports said the crackdown could damage support for the prime minister who has been trying to show the opposition he has an open mind on human rights and free speech maxx band: high
7:37 pm
winds whipping the flames of a forest fire in the canary islands. high, dry weather at into the troubles. no word yet on what started the fire. >> mexico: they didn't make this giant sandwich for the record books, but at almost 150 feet, it's a big one. forty-five mexico city restaurants and bakeries worked together on this sandwich. it weighed in at more than 1600 pounds. the goal to help promote an alternative alternative to fast food. that's a wrap on the stocks report on the world in 80 seconds. >> julie: scandal italian style. you got to love it. the high-class hooker who claims she slept with the leader of italy, silvio berlusconni, was the guest of honor apparently at an italian themed paris nightclub last night. but tracy singing and talking to reporters you might remember the
7:38 pm
former model released recordings back in june. she claims they are conversations she had with berlusconni discussing her alleged sexual escapades. she said she and other women are paid to quote entertain berlusconni and spells. this is no laughing matter. the prime minister denied the tapes are not real and calls the charges against him trash. still he just survived a no-confidence vote in italy. his wife out for divorce because she doesn't buy his story. more than 15,000 prominent women have endorsed it petitioned attacking him as a sexist. >> julie: everybody knows when there is a building implosion. the whole thing is supposed to collapse on itself, like a house of cards. okay, maybe not everybody. this building in central turkey just kept rolling, and stuff on your part. oh my goodness. a crew spent 15 days weakening the structure of a one-time flower factory. obviously that wasn't enough. fortunately it's not rolling.
7:39 pm
before it hit another building. oh boy. good news, no one was hurt. >> julie: new concerns the h1 and one virus could spread rapidly among members of the u.s. military. we will tell you that the government plans to do about it. civic officials race to get a vaccine ready amid worries of a possible breakout this fall when kids head back to school. details are next. when i was told i had diabetes, i felt amazingly boxed in. (announcer) joe uses the contour meter from bayer. (joe) my meter absolutely adapts to me and my lifestyle. i'm joe james, and being outside of the box is my simple win. (announcer) now available in five vibrant colors.
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>> julie: not the latest on ah-1 and one virus. the centers for disease control and prevention expects jump in the number of infections once kids head back to school this fall. there's new concern for america's servicemen and women often live and work in close
7:42 pm
quarters. the department of defense taking steps to prevent the disease from spreading within the military. at the same time the military is looking at ways to respond in case there is a significant outbreak among the general public become this fall. arianne soler follows the story live from the cdc home base in atlanta. >> cdc officials announced earlier this week that the number of lines of cases in the fall could be much greater than what we saw in the spring during an increase in cases when kids go back to school. at last check 353 people have died from swine flu in the u.s. so far this year. another 5500 have been hospitalized. now we're hearing the military is seeing a rise in the number of cases as well. military personnel, just like using classroom, our close contact with each other. they sometimes work together and often bunk together. already more than 2300 sites of cases have been confirmed in active military troops.
7:43 pm
those numbers are higher when you count family members of military personnel. that puts the number over 3800. so the military is taking steps to prevent the threat by telling sleeping head to toe to avoid coughing into each other's spaces and increasing the space between bunks. the military will provide assistance and resources for testing for the virus. they also want to help distribute vaccines when they become available. speaking of which the cdc is racing to get a vaccine ready. they hope to have 40 million doses by september and another 120 million doses by october. they say they could even start distributing the vaccine for all of the clinical trials have been completed. stu and thank you. >> dozens of u.s. students got up in the h1 and one scare you trip to china are now finally home. they were quarantined by the two-step by the chinese for two students tested positive for the virus. after being confined for weeks
7:44 pm
in china, all the color back in the u.s. the rest are still under quarantine in china. we are told it will be able to return home once all of the tests negative for the virus. >> searching for a way to offer affordable healthcare has some experts looking at using health care cooperatives. what exactly are they, and even more important, will they work? anita vogel takes a closer look. >> health care cooperatives or co-ops have been around for many years, but there are only a handful around the country. >> a true co-op is nonprofit, is run by its own members, we are volunteers, and to have a very strong interest in the success of the co-op. not making a lot of money. >> generally a group of businesses in the same industry together on a nonprofit basis to form a board of directors. the board negotiate started with doctors and hospitals to create individual health plans for their employees.
7:45 pm
when you take the profit option out of the mix say supporters, results or better, cheaper care who makes it out of the water for another 3-5 days to make members of a successful call up in southern california say they prefer to private insurance, because of the individual care. but once in a while there are problems. >> sometimes when you go to a new provider if your artist date or something, you give them your card you might not recognize you a bt for what it is. so they've got the call. after they make a call, it's okay. >> meanwhile, critics point out if health care costs were so superior to private insurance, more counties and states of the offering them. >> to get them going in all 50 states there will need to be a federal subsidy. who's going to pay for that subsidy. how long is that subsidy going to be maintained. these things are not just for schandler on or we would artist enough to make still the senate is considering co-ops as a possible option for its health-care reform plan.
7:46 pm
perhaps the biggest selling point for co-ops according to one ceo, his personal service. when members call in to dispute their claims, if the phone rings for more than 20 seconds, it gets routed right into the office of the ceo. in theory, he answers the call and handles the problem right away. in los angeles, anita vogel, "fox news." >> julie: the waves picked up, the wind again and they knew they were in trouble. a daring rescue caught on tape as the coast guard swoops and over by the most dangerous oceans on earth. plus sometimes buckets to be too much. sometimes you just got to scream. so let it out. you never know. it may just might make you famous. (announcer) crest whitestrips has created a revolutionary strip...
7:47 pm
it sticks to your teeth so well... you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. get a dramatically whiter smile... while you do just about anything. satisfaction guaranteed.
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and one of my producers of the "fox report." only kidding. it's a contest to see who can scream the loudest. such a thing exists and it is earsplitting. competitors in time and attempt to break the guinness world record for the loudest scream. the days when he scream or registered 116.8 db. while shorter the world record we are told. ~effort earned him a check for more than $800 and he vows to scream louder nature. why did i get registered for that? vacuous brains return from tracking pirates and a kayak in trouble off alaska. just two stops as we go across america. >> alaska: two kayakers from
7:51 pm
israel find that i expected challenge from the wind off the kenai peninsula. the u.s. coast guard responding to a signal from the kayakers emergency beacon. the men said wednesday it high seas kept them from getting back to shore. and aircrew found them but the pair didn't want to abandon their kayaks so a passing fisher -- fishing trawler picked them up. >> iowa, hard to believe, but this is exactly what it looks like. >> at this point it's plenty that should space equivalent plan on top of another. that's what it is now spent on plane was taking off from the iowa falls miscible airport, the other was landing and they collided. the airport has no control tower. two people onboard one aircraft, only the pilot on the other. one person was injured. >> oklahoma: lise pulling up about 6000 marijuana plants in the southern part of the state. peapod find discovered close to where 20,000 plants were destroyed last week. officers say both plots are believed to be the work of the same people.
7:52 pm
sue hecht california: a big hero's welcome for u.s. marines who played a part in the rescue of captain richard phillips in april. elements of the 13th marine expeditionary unit taking part in counter piracy operations onboard the uss boxer pup slaughter. this is the first time they've returned to marine corps air station miramar since kevin phillips rescue. that's a fox walked across america. >> julie: rumors were circulating are maybe i should say slithering of a giant snake on the maybe a rattlesnake even, roaming the grounds of a construction site and thereby end the hospital in florida. it turns out the rumors were true but it was no rattlesnake, it was this. a giant burmese python stretching more than 16 feet and weighing over 200 pounds. two cousins came across the behemoth in a field. at first they had no idea what they're actually saying.
7:53 pm
tonight i threw a rock at it because it was laying there. i just saw the sight of it. as soon as i get a kind of turned around and threw to me and i was like oh no, this is why violence on the pair went and got her uncle. he came back with a rifle and killed it. florida wildlife managers say this latest find is evidence that these exotic snakes should either escaped or been illegally released into the everglades are thriving and spreading across the state spewing you have seen the ads you've heard the pitch maybe you are wearing one now watching the "fox report" covered up in your snotty. now it's time to share the comfort. up next comments best friend is getting in on the snarky action. >> a pox of -- apocalypse now we're taking it look at the trend of summer blockbusters. take it you have a front row seat to the end of the world. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it.
7:54 pm
the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. i'd say it's taken us for a ride. honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one, simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far?
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
>> julie: the end of the world coming to a theater near you. post-apocalyptic movies their hitting the theory this summer and fall. some attribute the surge in disaster movies too excited over the headlines of catastrophe worsened pandemics. the ancient mayans believed the end would arrive in 2012 and in the movie 2012 under november, much of the planet will be
7:57 pm
destroyed and mankind's very survival of the threatened. the drucker said he is feeling very pessimistic these days. the mac in the road a worldwide catastrophe blackens the landscape and humans are starving to death. some even turned to cannibalism. a bleak story about the end of man is based on a popular book. >> in the book of eli, denzel washington is the protector of book that holds the key to mankind survival. thirty years after war destroys america. the latest a few of them. if you feel depressed don't worry because i am not. and all these movies there is some hope for mankind. >> you seen their commercials maybe you even own one. i'm talking about the snotty. in a blanket with this latest? snotty mania has apparently broken out across america. there are semipublic rolls even sent a facebook fan page is i'm not kidding. and now studies for dogs.
7:58 pm
that's right, there's a brand-new version for pets just in case you feel guilty about wearing yours while they are left out in the cold. >> how do you keep your dog whined when they're feeling a chill acute now there is not a dog, little blanket with sleeves as i do fit your dog doing you can't make it. there are four sizes and in case you're wondering studies for dogs selling at $14.95. update on our top stories tonight, we are getting reports the three americans missing in iran are believed to be behind bars. iran state tv says guards arrested three u.s. tourists after they crossed the border from iraq. >> travel through la guardia airport finally on track this after bomb scare had dozens evacuating the main terminal this morning. the bomb turned out to be a fake. please arrested 32-year-old scot began.
7:59 pm
he is charged with having a fake bomb at an airport and making terroristic threats. >> julie: on this day in 1981, at one minute past midnight eastern time, the signal it out over the airwaves that america's teenagers would never be the same. >> ladies and john, rock 'n roll. doing if you were a kid in the 80s you remember that guitar riff. it was the siren song of a brand-new channel a little thing called mtv. the network had the daring philosophy. it would broadcast something most people had never seen before, something called music videos. the first music video could have sunday clear message. i'm feeling sentimental. video killed the radio star by the pupils. in the years

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